Monday, June 17, 2013

USB3.0/eSATA 5x tray-less SATA bay hardware JBoD/RAID0,1,3,5 enclosure - eBOX-eSU3

USB3.0/eSATA 5x tray-less SATA bay hardware JBoD/RAID0,1,3,5 enclosure - eBOX-eSU3

DATOptic introduces the first hardware raid0/1/3/5/10/CLONE,SPAN/JBOD port multiplier offering most cost-effective, high reliable and fast data transfer rate raid5 solution. In a quiet over-kill 400W power suppy tower coupling five SATA tray-less bay featuring DirectAir tm technology. eBOX-R5 is a must have solution for application that needs FAST, HIGH RELIABLE, and easy to manage storage.As storage capacity requirements getting larger, data storage without drive fault tolerance implement, potential of lost data, down time and lost revenue is greater. Our eBOX-R5 is the solution for the mentioned issue. RAID5 capable, if a HDD failed and a new HDD is inserted the built-in RAID5 will able to reconstruct the BAD drive so the data is stay intactHigh performance - OVER 210MB/sec Read and Write speedeBOX-R5 provides an unparalleled of high reliable of protect data for users, who demands high transfer rate performance with a fraction of costThe eBOX-R5 not only provides a high reliable sustained data rate, protected data, but also very fast transfer rate! The graphs below show how well the eBOX-R5 is able to handle a real life scenario.

  • 5x tray-less SATA bay hardware RAID/JBOD supports non PM or PM eSATA and USB3.0
  • Best thermal managment with DirectAir technology
  • Support Email Notification and no driver required under Windows and MAC
  • Easy, Fast and High Reliable RAID5 up to 250MB/sec transfer rate via USB3.0 and eSATA
  • LCD Module and Setup Buttons to Simplify the RAID setup and/or management via GUI utility
  • Binding: Personal Computers
  • Label: DATOptic Inc
  • Model: eBOX-R5
  • Product Group: PC Accessory

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